It’s About Perspective

    It’s truly about perspective. This little fact has shown up repeatedly over the past couple of months as life and I cruised along. I hope to use it for my success over the next couple of months and into 2013.
    Watched a TedTalk held in Athens where the guy spoke about perspective. Being in Greece, he asked if the bailout was of the Greek people or of those who lent money to the Greeks. Two completely different issues with two completely different solutions.
    My neighbor hates the rocks in his yard so he rounds them up into little piles. Since we live on a rock bluff there were always rock piles for him to hate. I love his rock piles because I take his rocks to fill in holes or do landscaping around my yard. Making lemonade from his lemons.
    I was bemoaning boredom and the lack of professional challenges to a friend. After listening, he suggested that life was presenting me with an opportunity to seek out new challenges and opportunities for growth. That I needed to look at from a different angle to realize the reward.
    I was struggling with writing my first blog entry. I wanted something so “wow” that people would be impressed and return for more. Not really sure if I did it. Now it’s time for your perspective. Coming back for more?